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“Mentally Raped” lesbian couple sues bakers & wins $135k

Aaron and Melissa Klein refused to bake a lesbian couple a wedding cake because it conflicted with their religious beliefs.   Not surprisingly, instead of just getting sued for the value of the wedding cake, they were sued for $135,000 because the incident caused that couple to gain weight and they were, according to court documents – “mentally raped.”

Are you kidding me?

Mentally raped?  Over a freaking cake?  Really?  Is their cake that good?

The result? Aaron and Melissa Klein had to close their business doors because court fees and judicial rulings pushed them into financial distress.

Now, before I start offering my opinion, let me be clear and say that I support all forms of marriage.  I honestly don’t care if you’re a dude who wants to marry ten wives. If you pay your bill, you’re fine in my book.  I only discriminate against those who skip out on their bill, and there has been a few!  And I have a very strict “asshole code” that I enforce.  If I feel a customer is going to be an asshole, we’re talking smelly mouth, difficult –  I will refuse to do business with them.

If this cake baking couple didn’t want to do business with a lesbian couple, who the hell cares?  They are in the minority.   There’s so many other bakers out there, maybe better ones, that would do a better job.  And seriously, if those bakers didn’t like lesbians, why would a lesbian couple want to eat anything from them.   It’s not the safest practice to eat food from people who disapprove of their lifestyle.  But what really “takes the cake” is that this lesbian couple took it to the next step and sued for mental stress.  I mean, if you’re going to sue, just sue for the cake, right?   What has this world come too?  Is this just in America?  MENTAL STRESS OVER A CAKE!

By the way, a straight couple can’t get married in a Catholic Church unless they are Catholic.   A Catholic couple can’t get married under Catholic law unless they go to Catholic Marriage counseling.   If a person is Catholic and is divorced, the Catholic Church will not recognize he or she as divorced, and he or she will never be able to get married in a Catholic Church again.   And, if you’re a Catholic priest, attracted to a woman and want to marry her – forget it.  It’s not going to happen.  Rules baby – rules.   That’s organized religion for you.

What’s ironic about all of this, is that these religious rules were never put in place to promote hate, but love and community.  These bakers are not bad people, not even hateful people.  They are not Nazi’s calling for the extinction of a race but they are being compared to them.  These bakers just have a religion and a preference, can’t we respect it, even if we disagree with it.

Just to add a little spice to this argument.  There are wedding companies in Hawaii that only do gay weddings.  Not straight, only gay.  Hmm….  I’ll leave that here to rest, but that’s interesting, huh.

Just my two cents.


me "Mentally Raped" lesbian couple sues bakers & wins $135k
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