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No Major Tsunami Coming to Hawaii

There’s no “Major” tsunami on the way to Hawaii after an 8.2 Earthquake rattled the shores of Chile.   There may be 6 to 8 foot waves that come ashore.  Swimmers, boaters, and all water sports “recreationist” are advised to say out of the ocean.  No warnings for beach weddings though.  No warnings for bbq’s on the beach either.

I do have a wedding tomorrow, Wednesday.   I don’t foresee any any problems.  If there is, I guess  it’ll make for some interesting trash the dress pictures.   I remember a tsunami warning delayed one of our weddings a few years back.  It was canceled earlier in the day, but we did stay off the beach just in case something happened.  That was when Japan had their major tsunami.   This is a little different as there was no major tsunami in Chile.


me No Major Tsunami Coming to Hawaii
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