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Nuclear Bombs, Weddings, and Hawaii

The State of Hawaii is a rather small State but we sure do make a big splash!  I obviously have a bias, but we’re in the headlines – a lot.   Did you hear that Jumanji was shot in Hawaii and it outperformed The Last Jedi!   And oh, that ethernet, you know those cards you need to plug yourself into the net?  That was created in Hawaii.   Veriphone, that credit card sliding thing, yup – Hawaii too.  About a week ago, a Hawaii Quarterback led an underdog college to win the Cotton Bowl, over Auburn.  Out of all teams!  And a week later, another Hawaii QB, led Alabama to a win over UGA in the College Football Championships!

And oh, by the way, for 38 seconds, a lot of people on Oahu thought World War Three was starting and they were going to get nuked.

It’s funny to laugh at the entire situation in hindsight, but people were legitmately scared.  I had a wedding the next day and my bride was pretty upset about the entire thing.   I mean, who could blame her?

For me, I didn’t panic.  I couldn’t.  I was sleeping.   I stayed up late the night before writing (I’m an aspiring storyteller) and the entire nuke deal happened when I was fast asleep.  If I would have been awake, I wouldn’t panic either.

So, I got a call today from an inquring customer who asked me, “What would happen if our wedding was on the same day a nuke striked?  What were my backup plans?”

I told her, “In the case of a nuclear holocaust, I have no plans.  I think your wedding would be the last of our problems.”

The truth is the odds of a nuclear strike are very low.   We have an elaborate missile defense system here.   If a missile is on its way, it’ll be shot down.  And secondly, North Korea has not demonstrated it can hit a target yet.  Hawaii is small, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it’s hard to hit.   More than likely, if North Korea wants to go to war, it’ll go after South Korea or Japan.

This wedding was shot the day after the nuke scare.   Life goes on.

me Nuclear Bombs, Weddings, and Hawaii
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