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President Obama In Hawaii: Expect Traffic Delays

It’s become a normal thing for us.  Every Christmas, President Obama returns home to the islands to spend Christmas here with his family.   While I’m not a fan of his politics, I have to say, this guy is a great family man.  From what I can tell, he’s a great father, and a great husband. Doesn’t he set the standard really high for us normal men?  I mean what guy can get a 747 to bring his wife and family to Hawaii…  Bastard.

The obvious downside of his yearly return is the horrible traffic that he brings along.  Security is very high around the President.  I remember I had to go the mall at the last minute to buy a Christmas Gift about two years ago.  Well, so did President Obama.  And you know what that meant… It meant parts of the freaking mall was closed; not to mention, the highways and freeways around it.   I still have to shop for a gift for my parents.  I’m headed to Oreilly’s for my Dad’s present and a Korean Drama place for my mom.  Here’s hoping the President isn’t into K-Dramas or needs to fix his car.

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii next year, just make a mental that President Obama will most likely be here from December 23rd to January 5th.  He does it every year.  He stays in Kailua for most of his trip, so that area is usually on lock down.

me President Obama In Hawaii: Expect Traffic Delays
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