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FAIL! Priest Lectures Photographer During Wedding Ceremony

Every now and then I google ” weddings” and hit the news category button to see if there’s anything interesting happening in my industry.  I usually get an uninteresting story about a celeb running off to get secretly married, or about yet another bride who divorced her husband a few weeks after she got married.  Surprisingly, these things happen quite often.  But today, I hit the jackpot!  Apparently, a videographer got a little too close for a minister’s comfort, and the minister gave him a piece of his mind, during the ceremony!  All of it was caught on tape.

While many people are labeling the incident as a photographer who got chewed out, I’m pretty sure it was a videographer that got lectured to, as the camera that moved, was the video camera.

So here are the obvious questions.

Was the video camera too close for comfort?
Very likely. Because the minister didn’t need to raise his voice to lecture the videographer, we can conclude the videographer was rather close.  I’m actually on the minster’s side when it comes to cameras getting too close for comfort.  Cameras should be at least ten feet from the ceremony, out of frame.

Cameras that that are too close are not just a concern for ministers, but also photographers and videographers.  I hate it when photographers pop into the frame of one of my video cameras, or when a videographers pops into frame when I’m shooting photography.  They can get the same shot with an average zoom.

Most of the time, videographers and photographers communicate with each other so they don’t get into each others ways.  The amateurs though, don’t do this.  I don’t usually run into this problem as I photograph and videotape my weddings at the same time.

kristin-sunrise-wedding-6 FAIL!  Priest Lectures Photographer During Wedding CeremonyVideo cameras should be off to the side, 10 feet from the ceremony, on tripods, and not blocking anyone’s view of the ceremony
To watch this wedding video click here

unobtrusive-wedding-cameras FAIL!  Priest Lectures Photographer During Wedding CeremonyVideo cameras should also be left unattended so guest can view the ceremony.
To watch this wedding video click here

Should the minster have stopped the ceremony to lecture the videographer?
Pardon my language, but HELL NO!  There’s a time and a place for lecturing, and a ceremony is obviously not a platform to do so.  The minister should have relayed his restrictions to the videographer before the ceremony, not during.

Have I ever had a similar experience?
Yes!  When I photographed my cousins wedding in Arizona, I was told by their Catholic Priest before the wedding that: One, I could not move around during the ceremony; and two, I could not use any flash.  I agreed to his restrictions, sat in the aisle during the ceremony, and shot photos from a sitting position.   But during the ceremony, the  Catholic Priest, actually stopped everything, and told me to stop photographing the wedding as the noise from my shutter was distracting him!  I couldn’t believe it!  I didn’t listen and kept shooting anyways.

After the ceremony, I chased down the Priest to give him my piece of mind.  But before I could pleasantly corner him, the old man ran into his office, locked his door, and wouldn’t answer when I knocked.  I wanted to let him know what he did was extremely rude and inappropriate.

Is this a rare occurrence?
Unfortunately no!  While any minister can be picky on their photography restrictions, it’s not uncommon for a photographer to get yelled at during the ceremony.  Ask any photographer, and they’ll give you their own personal horror story.  And most of the time, that horror story consist of the antagonist being played by, drum roll please, no other than a Catholic Priest.

I’m a Christian, I’m a religious person.  I love God!  And I have no problems with Catholic Priest and the Catholic religion.   But…BUT…Sometimes, a Catholic Priest can install unrealistic restrictions that can ultimately hamper a photographer or videographers ability to document a wedding accurately, and beautifully.

In the case of this youtube wedding video.  I don’t think this was a Catholic Priest.  Catholic ceremonies don’t take place outdoors.  They only take place in churches.  I’m thinking that this was an Episcopal Priest.  Which sometimes, can be just as strict when it comes to photography/video restrictions.



me FAIL!  Priest Lectures Photographer During Wedding Ceremony
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