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Riddick: Good not great.

I’m still on the fence for Riddick.  On one hand, it was a fun movie to watch.  On the other hand, do I think it was worth it to spend a whopping ten dollars on?   No.  I hate to say this, but unless you are a huge Vin Diesel fan, or a fan of the Riddick trilogy, you should wait for video. The movie was good, but it just isn’t epic enough for me to recommend you heading to the theaters.

On an interesting note.  Did you know that Vin Diesel’s real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent.  He got this name not from a Hollywood manager, but one that was conjured up during his job working as a bouncer at a night club.  He’s never met his biological father.  His mother was an astrologer, and his step-father, who is African-American, is an acting coach and theater manager.  Even though it doesn’t show it, Vin Diesel has been acting since the age of seven.   When he was younger, he broke into a theater with his friends and got caught.  Instead of calling the police, the director handed them scripts and offered them parts in the upcoming show.  And thus, his interest into the world of acting begun.     Vin Diesel is also a die hard Dungeons and Dragons player, and has been for over 20 years of his life.    That’s surprising isn’t it.   

me Riddick: Good not great.
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