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Robin Williams – The Single Lesson to Be Learned Through His Tragic Death

While the death of Robin Williams has left the world in complete shock, and a for awhile, a slightly comatose depression, there is still much to be learned from this tragic event.   All clues to the cause of Mr. William’s death, as of now, point to suicide.  Suicide by asphyxiation.  Shocking…just shocking, as this probably one of the most painful ways to go (from what I’ve read).

Much of the questions surrounding Williams death include: How could a man who made so many laugh, a man who brightened the lives of so many, take his own life?  He had kids who he loved, fans who adored him, and a status in the world, that could only be compared to royalty.  What more could a person want?  Why would any person favor death, over the lifestyle that he was able to attain, able to live?

“Doctors of the brain” have been on the news for almost every minute of every hour offering their opinion, declaring that depression, or even a mental illness, is the likely cause of his suicide, and is just a byproduct for high-functioning individuals like Robin Williams.

On the surface, it’s easy to buy into their hypothesis, but if there is one lesson that could be learned through Mr. Williams tragic death is that intelligence is intelligence, depression is depression, and there is no cause and effect relationship between the two…and intelligence, is not a sign of impending depression, nor is it a cause.   Robin Williams was great at impersonating voices and personalities, and making us laugh; but is that truly more intelligent than a single mother who can make ends meet by extreme couponing?  As you can see, intelligence is very subjective.  And if that single mother is considered a genius, does that mean she is more than likely to suffer from depression or a mental illness?  Of course not.  Depression can strike anyone, of any wealth class, any religion, any sex, and any intelligence.

Now you won’t hear this by the pundits on TV, but depression is created by purely by the loss of all hope, and the loss of all faith.  Faith does not mean having a religion, but believing in something that you cannot see, touch, or feel.  This could be anything from finding true love, a dream occupation, or winning a Superbowl, or just having a better day.  Hope can be easily described as faith in action.  It doesn’t matter how intelligent one is, the minute one loses hope or faith for long periods of time, depression will set in and start to control their life.

If you recognize the signs of a friend, colleague, or family member who has lost all faith and hope in their life, be proactive and help.

me Robin Williams - The Single Lesson to Be Learned Through His Tragic Death
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