Same-Sex Weddings in Hawaii

To me, personally, this is probably the least exciting page on my website, but I had to create it to let everyone know that YES, MY COMPANY DOES PERFORM SAME-SEX WEDDINGS!

There are no special packages, discounts, or up-charges for same-sex weddings.   Everyone pays the same price here!  So if you’re a same-sex couple and want to book with me, just browse my site as any other customer does, and spend LOTS OF MONEY!

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I asked a friend of mine to conduct a no-holds bar interview with me regarding my stance on same-sex marriage so I could post it on this page.  Here is the transcript.

Does your company perform Same-Sex Weddings in Hawaii?

Are you gay or bisexual?
I’m 100% straight as an arrow.

Are you religious?
I’m a Christian.

If you are Christian, how can you allow your company to perform same-sex marriages?
Easy.  By saying, “yes, I allow my company to perform same-sex marriages.”  …haha.

At first I did not perform same-sex weddings, but that only lasted a few months.   I just have nothing against two people, or anyone falling love with each other.   This is one topic where I am at odds with many in the Church, and with many in my religion.   But oh well.

Can you sleep at night with your decision?
No, because I have so much work from same-sex weddings, I am editing their photos or videos at night.  Kidding.  I don’t get many same-sex wedding work.  I am up at night because I work mostly at night.  I’m a nighthawk.  When I do sleep, I am worrying more about football.

You know what I mean.
There are much more important things in life to lose sleep about, like terrorism.

Is homosexuality a sin?
There is a definitely a biblical argument that it is.

So if you think it’s a sin, and sin can’t be in hell, do you think you are condemning a same-sex couple to hell by performing same-sex weddings?
First off, we’re all sinners.  Homosexuality, if it is a sin, isn’t the only sin out there.  Working on Sundays can be considered a sin.  There are 101 things in the Bible that are considered a sin and those are willingly committed by every soul, straight or gay, everyday.  We’re all sinners.

By the way, I know I may look like Asian Jesus, but I’m not Jesus.  Jesus is the only one that can sentence anyone to hell.  To think myself or my company has the same power of Jesus is quite flattering.   You do know these questions will be posted on my website right?

Yes, but I am an anonymous interviewer.
Yes, I’m keeping my word your identity won’t be revealed.  We’ll keep you in the closet.

Do you think same-sex marriage should be legal?
I don’t think any marriage should be legalized.   Why do we want the government involved in something as sacred as marriage?  The government should be protecting us from terrorist.  Not defining who people can fall in love with.  Because only certain States have legalized same-sex marriages, it’s become quite a headache for same-sex couples when it comes to divorce, and filing taxes.

How should marriage be defined if the government does not define it?
It should be defined however a couple wants to define it, whether it’s religious or through culture, or just personal belief.   Many Catholics will only recognize a person’s first marriage.   Their second marriage, no matter what, will not be recognized under any circumstance.  A Catholic priest cannot experience the joys of marriage.  I find that horrible.  LDS fundamentalist believe in marriage with multiple wives.   Royals like to keep it in the family.  There is a woman in Europe who married the Berlin wall.  Many of my couples are not religious, and many don’t get marriage certificates at all.  However that couple wants to define their marriage, let it be.  Granted, it may conflict with many common views and draw stares.  But that’s their problem they have to live with, not mine.

Should companies, ministers, be forced to conduct services for same-sex couples?
No.  Absolutely not.   A company, minister, or any individual, has the right to refuse business from anyone, for any reason.  Sometimes, the most offensive type of speech, is the speech that must be protected.   Most same-sex couples agree with my position on this.   Right now, we are on the cusp of accepting same-sex relationships in our society.  It took me a few months to accept it.  But now I do.

Here in Hawaii, it’s illegal for companies to turn down same-sex weddings.   I don’t think that was the right decision for the government to make.

If same-sex marriage is the norm, should it be part of sexual education in schools?
There should be zero sex-ed in schools.  Many kids these days can’t construct a simple paragraph utilizing correct English grammar.   Many can’t perform simple arithmetic without a calculator. Thanks to the internet, they know way more about sex than they need too.   Our schools need to teach our kids a plethora of skills.  That and patriotism.   That’s it.

Where are all your same-sex couples on your site?
Many are still in closet, families don’t know. So I don’t post them on my site.  One day, hopefully soon, a couple will come forward so I can proudly post their pictures on my site.

Do you find same-sex relationships gross?

What relationships are gross to you?  If any?
Incest, relationships with inanimate objects, relationships with animals.  Did you hear about that animal photographer who fell in “love” with a dolphin?  Children weddings are gross and a no-no too.

Do you believe same-sex couples are born gay?
There was an interesting study done on identical twins where one came out straight, the other gay. Both twins had exactly the same DNA.  What it proved, in theory, that we as humans choose whom we are attracted to, and that we were not born that way.  So this could mean the argument of same-sex marriage should be protected under our 1st Amendment of the Constitution, our Freedom of Speech, as it is a clear choice to an individual.

Then there are times, I swear, in High School, that I had a few classmates who had girlfriends, but their speech and mannerisms were clearly feminine.   They came out of the closet later. In that case, I think they were born that way, but I can’t prove that.

Do you think Same-Sex couples make good parents?
Being a good parent has nothing to do with ones sexuality.

Do you believe same-sex parents will raise kids to be gay?
Possibly, but who knows.  Some kids may be influenced, some won’t.  And their sexual identity has nothing to do on how well they will contribute to society.

Anything you want to add to tell your customers?
There’s only one type of customer who I discriminate against.  Those who skip out on paying the bill.

Well, thanks for letting me interview you sort of.  You promise not to let my identity go free on your website.
Thanks.  I’m sure it was interesting for my customers to peek into my brain.


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