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STAR WARS REVIEW: No Spoilers Of Course!

So what can I say or admit?  I’m a bit of a geek I guess. I watched Star Wars on premier night…alone.  I couldn’t wait.  I was gonna wait to watch it with my friends on another day, but anticipation got the better of me.   So I took my moviepass card, which only allows me to watch one movie only once, and soaked in one of the premiers at 11:20pm on Thursday night.   Because my premiere was rather late, the theater wasn’t too crowded.  But I did get to see a handful of great dressed up nerds who attended the earlier shows.

The movie was good, better than average, and one of the better movies of the year.  I’ve read some of the reviews out there that said this installment of Star Wars was one of the greatest movies J.J. Abrams ever made.  I don’t know about that.  I think I had more fun watching Star Trek.   But don’t misunderstand my few criticisms, this movie was very good.  And the writing was rather honest.    The acting was a lot less cheesy than the prequels, or even the original.    My non-spoiler comments.  Carrie Fisher looks old.  Harrison Ford still has swagger.   The bad guys still have a lot big blinking lights that serve no other function other than to blink.  Apparently, evil empires use the same interior designers.  And I’m betting some stupid media pundit is going to call Star Wars racist.  Oh wait, they already did!

Beware, the force is not strong with this one.

It’s going to be fun to see what happens next.  I’m thinking, somewhere eventually along the sequel, we may see something that has to do with time travel.  J.J. Abrams loves to screw with time travel for some reason.   He did that to Star Trek, Lost, Revolution, just to name a few.   Hmm…Time travel in Star Wars.  Now that would throw everyone for a loop.

I don’t have to say this, but I will anyway.  See the movie.   Don’t drink diet soda or else you’ll have to pee during the movie.  This is a movie in which every scene is worth seeing, unlike past movies which George Lucas conveniently ruined.

me STAR WARS REVIEW: No Spoilers Of Course!
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