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Supreme Court Rules 5-4 to allow Same-Sex Marriage, but the discussion is not over:

It was a landmark ruling, not to mention, a very close ruling, but same-sex couples can now legally marry in all 50 States of America.  This is definitely a victory for same-sex couples, but just part of a handful of steps before same-sex marriage gains equal footing to traditional marriage.  Laws regarding same-sex couples taxes and a pathway to citizenship (when one partner is from another country) still need to be addressed, and new laws need to be made.  Many same-sex couples whose relationship consist of one partner living overseas, may still find it difficult to navigate immigration courts to obtain citizenship.

Then there are some very controversial and tough questions that we will soon be confronted with:

  • Marriage is now defined as a union between two people, regardless of sex.  But can the legal definition of marriage be also modified in the future to legalize polygamous relationships or those who do not define themselves as either male or female?  It’s complicated, possibly offensive to some, but it needs to be addressed.
  • Sex-Education – Will there be a push to educate kids that same-sex intercourse is equivalent to sex?
  • Will children books be forced to create literature that also recognizes same-sex relationships as equal?
  • What will happen to ministers who refuse to marry same-sex couples?
  • What will happen to wedding vendors who refuse to work with same-sex couples?
  • How far will an individual’s religious rights protect a citizen?
  • What is the future for transgender relationships?   We must remember that transgenders are technically still the same sex when they were born, even after surgery.  Gender-reassignment surgery is more of a cosmetic surgery than true gender reassignment.   A male body will never produce the amount of estrogen a woman will create and will react very differently when receiving estrogen hormone therapy.   If you take this into consideration, how will our government define a legal marriage between two transgender couples?  And again, those who don’t identify with either sex.   It’s a very complicated subject.

Despite the possible future controversies that our nation will face regarding marriage, this was a step in the right direction.   Congrats to all of my former clients who married ahead of the curve!   Your marriage is now recognized in all 50 States!

If you have not figured it out by now, I am in 100% support of same-sex marriages, transgender marriages, polygamous marriages, on top of traditional marriage.   Every person, every culture, every religion, everyone has a different definition of marriage.   If you’re wondering if there is a type of client I will not take on, the answer is yes.   The only person who I will not do business with is a crazy bridezilla or groomzilla.


me Supreme Court Rules 5-4 to allow Same-Sex Marriage, but the discussion is not over:
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