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Picture this:

It’s a quiet Saturday for me in Oahu.  The weather is not great by my house.  It’s storming pretty bad, clouds are draping down the mountain side making the Ko’olau Mountain Range almost invisible.   I click on the TV to see what college football games are on.  At the same time, I pick up my phone.

I have a few missed calls.  I recognize some of the numbers as business telemarketers, but one number stands out and it has a voicemail.  I call the voicemail and it’s a new wedding inquiry…and they are wondering if I can marry them today.


I quickly call them back to see if my new inquiry still needs my help.  After all, it’s been a few hours since they inquired.  They answer with a definite “yes.”  I tell them the truth about last minute weddings and our complications for the day:

  1. I’m not sure if I can get a minister at this short notice
  2. If we do have the wedding, it’ll have to be at Ko’olina because everywhere else on the island is raining.

They agree and just tell me to do my best.

After I get off the phone, I send out a blanket text to all of my ministers and actually get a few replies from ministers who say they are definitely available.  I quickly book the first one that replied and call my potential new clients back to tell them the good news.   As I’m talking to them on the phone, the couple is actually on their way to Pearl City to meet with an independent wedding agent to get their marriage license.   We quickly hammer out some specific details.   They also inform me that they’ll need a round-trip ride from Waikiki to Ko’olina.

“That’s not a problem, I have a company van that we can pack everyone into,” I say.

As soon as we end the call, I’m super-pursuit-mode.   Within 15 minutes, I’ve taken a shower, sprayed my hair, shaved, double checked my photo equipment, strapped on my shoes, and am walking out the door.   In another thirty minutes, I have picked up the leis and bouquets from my two vendors (who by the way, also luckily accepted the last minute wedding business).  In another ten minutes, I’m outside the hotel lobby of my couple, ready.

They arrive somewhat on-time, and we’re off to Ko’olina.  They’re in my van, everything is going to be okay.

Can I do last minute Hawaii wedding packages? Apparently I can!  But, there are a handful of easy “if’s…”  I can do your Hawaii Wedding at the last minute if:

  • You are flexible with the time and location
  • You are on Oahu
  • I can find a minister
  • You are flexible when it comes to flowers (if you want flowers)
  • Most of all, you’re not a crazy person.  I mean that.

Here are the photos from my “last minute wedding couple” that I had this past weekend.   They are a completely awesome.  Couldn’t ask for cooler people.

I pretty much do everything around here, from photography and video production, to the organization of all of my weddings. As you can see, I'm also the head writer too! If for some reason you can't reach me at my direct line, or my toll free number, feel free to hit me up on my company cell at (808) 479-0685. Call anytime...well, almost anytime. Don't call on Super Bowl Sunday or when the Philadelphia Eagles are playing!

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