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The Hawaii Destination Wedding Package Scam: Buyer Beware!

I’ve been getting a lot of wedding inquiries regarding all-inclusive Hawaii destination wedding packages.  These curious and potential customers are shopping for a package that includes everything.  A package that covers not only their wedding, but their air, hotel, food, rental car, entertainment, and here’s the kicker – unlimited drinks.  They are seeing these packages pop up on various websites to craigslist.

Does it sound too good to be true?  Yup.

Those packages are scams!   If you can get all of what I just mentioned for under $1000 per person, that’s pretty much a miracle, pretty much – impossible.  More so, if any company offers anything similar or close, it’s impossible.   If you see them, run.  Air prices rise and drop like bitcoin, restaurants prices around Oahu are never set or uniformed, alcohol is expensive; how can one company every offer to pay for everything?  It’s impossible.

Cruise ships can offer packages that offer everything because they control the entire economy when you’re out to sea.

With that being said, there are a lot of other scams out there that you need to be aware of.  Such as the wedding company that doesn’t show up, to the wedding company that doesn’t deliver on the quality that they advertise on the net (boy there’s a lot of them out there!)  The best way to swim through all the crap is by looking at a wedding company’s reviews and portfolio.   What you’re looking for is consistency.  Consistent good reviews, consistent good photos, consistent good videos, etc..etc..  If they are active on social media, that also helps.   That way you know they are alive and kicking.

Customer service is a biggie, of course.   Phone calls, emails, should be returned promptly.   If they are slow, there could be one or two reasons.  One, they are just busy.  Two, this is not their fulltime job.   Oh wait, one more reason.  They’re a scam.

Be careful out there!

me The Hawaii Destination Wedding Package Scam: Buyer Beware!
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