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Today, an unsolicited flyer arrived in the mail from Hawaii World Class, a bridal expo company, advertising their 31st Hawaii Wedding Expo.   They were looking for companies like mine to buy booths.   There are two major wedding expos here in Hawaii: The Hawaii Wedding Expo, and The Hawaii Bridal Expo.  Yup, really original in the names huh..haha.  These expos are pretty crazy, as over the course of three days, more 20,000 curious brides flood an arena floor, looking for answers.

The vendors that show up for these expos are all over the quality map.  I’ve seen some really great ones, and some amazingly piss poor ones as well. At most expos, photographers and videographers rule the day.  I would say over half the booths, even up to 90%, are photographers and videographers.   Most florist, wedding planners, makeup artists are not there.  And since the invention of the internet, a lot of “Top Gun” vendors, don’t use the expo to get work anymore.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that you have a wedding expo coming to your town in the not so distant future.  I would recommend that you go to one of these, even if you are planning a destination wedding with me.  You never know, you may find something useful, most likely not.   Just be very careful about signing anything with a vendor there to take advantage of one of their “expo specials.”  In most cases, it pretty much blows.

If you’re wondering if I had ever been part of a Bridal Expo, the answer is no.  I’m a “Top Gun!”

me THE HAWAII WEDDING EXPO IS HERE!  I'll pass...again.
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