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The Truth About Oahu – Why It’s The Perfect Place for Beach Weddings and More.

Before I get started, full disclosure:

I was born and raised on the Island of Oahu, so I’m sure I have a bias.   Now let’s get down to business.

So, let me guess what your dilemma is.  For one reason or another, somehow a Hawaii wedding came up in your conversation with your fiance and now it seems as though you are inching towards making a decision.   There’s no doubt you want to come to Hawaii, but now another presents itself.  There are five Islands in the State of Hawaii, and you have no idea which one you want to travel too.  You hear that Maui is great.   Then your travel agent recommends the Big Island (which is what is known as Hawaii).   Everyone says you should not consider is the Island of Oahu because it’s too city like.

And then – you talk to me.

Now I’ll be upfront and blunt with you, so this article won’t have to be too long.   There is some truth to the rumors about Oahu:

There is some truth to the rumors about Oahu:

  • we have some of the worst traffic in the world
  • we have a thriving city called Honolulu
  • there is over one million people who reside on Oahu

But here’s what you may not know:

  • traffic on Oahu only happens during rush hour.   So if you’re not on the freeways in the early morning or evening when everyone is getting off of work, you will encounter zero traffic
  • our city is crowded, but it’s not like Japan or New York City.  Not even close.   But because of our dense population in the city, it allows us to have some of the best restaurants and shopping malls at our disposal in a very small footprint
  • we have so many things to do here on Oahu, you won’t get bored.  And you won’t get caught in tourists traps like you do on outer islands.   There are so many tourist traps on outer islands, locals get swept up as well!


Yes, Oahu has way more white sand beaches, than all of our other islands combined.  It’s because our island is old and technically, it’s eroding away!  haha.  But not to worry, it won’t erode away by the time you get married.  A geologist told me it would take thousands of years for Oahu to erode.  And if your fiance takes thousands of years to get hitched, I think you better find another fiance.  All joking aside, because we have so many white sand beaches, if you travel outside of Waikiki, away from all the Japanese tourists, you can find a secluded beach rather easily.   I have a beach on the North Shore that is really empty, perfect for weddings.  Finding a secluded beach on the other islands is tough.  I mean it.   It’s really hard.

The moral of the story is this –

  • Oahu has the best beaches to get married on.  If a beach wedding is what you’re looking for, this should really matter
  • Oahu has the most activities to do, so you and your guest won’t get bored.  Unlike other islands, we have a nightlife.
  • Oahu has a plethora of hotels here to fit any price range of any traveler.
  • Oahu has the best mix of city and island lifestyle.  For a good rule of thumb, you only have to drive 30 minutes in any direction, to change your scenery drastically.

The only reason why I think Maui is better than Oahu is that because it has Krispy Kreme and we don’t!

The Big Island is better than us because it has an active volcano.  Which I have to admit, is quite cool.  So, if you want, extend your honeymoon in Hawaii and island hop to the Big Island for a few days to check out an active volcano.  But don’t stay longer than a few days because you’ll get bored out of your mind!


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