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THE WOLVERINE – Good, not great (no spoilers)

wolfup-this THE WOLVERINE - Good, not great (no spoilers)I’m not a comic book fan of X-Men, but I enjoyed watching their cartoons (especially on Netflix), and I loved the entire X-Men movie series.  In “The Wolverine” we catch up with Logan’s post X-Men life….and that’s all I will tell ou about the movie.

If there’s one thing that I like about the Wolverine, is that he actually kills his enemies.  Unlike every other superhero who locks up their nemesis so they could escape to fight another day.    The movie had it’s moments with good action scenes and then there were moments where it was just plain slow as the Wolverine dealt with his inner problems.   I may have to watch it again, but I thought at times there was too much talking, too much self reflection,  and not enough slashing.

Japanese supermodel, Rila Fukushima, plays the Wolverine’s sidekick.  For most of the movie, I thought she was wearing some type of facial prosthetic that made her face look strange, with her eyes a mile wide apart.   I didn’t realize that was how she actually looked like.

Is this worth the $10 to see on the big screen?  I would have to say yes, purely because it’s a movie that I would be too impatient to wait for the DVD to come out.   Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good movie, just not as great as I thought it would be.

woofy THE WOLVERINE - Good, not great (no spoilers)


me THE WOLVERINE - Good, not great (no spoilers)
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