What to Pack for Your Hawaii Wedding

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Your wedding in Hawaii is booked and you’re ready to hop on that jetliner, dig your toes in the sand, and say your “I do’s.”

You’re probably wondering, “What should I bring?”

Here’s my two cents:

  1. AN EXTRA “EMPTY” SUITCASE – There’s a lot of stuff to buy in Hawaii for yourself, family, and a few select friends (who are worthy).   There’s Kona Coffee, chocolates, Aloha Shirts, Swim Trunks, Bikinis, jams, cookies, recipe books, just to name a few items off the top of my head.   And an empty suitcase is what you’ll need to haul all your goodies back home.  Men beware!  If your woman loves to shop, she’s going to be in heaven here!  Everywhere your girl turns, there’s an opportunity for you to go bankrupt!  To my brides who have poofy wedding dresses, the extra suitcase can be dedicated to the safe transport of your wedding attire.  Then, on the way back, your poofy wedding dress can double as packing material to protect any fragile souvenirs you may have collected during your stay.
  2. GOOD PAIR OF WALKING SHOES – You’re going to do a lot of walking in Hawaii and if you don’t have a good pair of walking shoes with you, you’re gonna get a few blisters.  And trust me when I say this, a few popped blisters will spoil your trip. If you plan on doing any hiking, make sure to bring shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  And if you do any hiking, you may want to bring an extra backpack and water bottles.
  3. GOOD HAT, PAIR OF SHADES – The weather is beautiful here all year round, and more than likely, you’ll probably end up spending close most of your day, out in the sun, during prime baking hours.  That’s between 10 am to 2 pm.    Make sure to smack on some good sunscreen, highest SPF. Don’t worry you’ll still get a tan.   A good hat and a pair of shades go a long ways too.  Do not get sunburned here!
  4. EXTRA BATTERIES – Do I need to remind you to bring RECHARGEABLE batteries? Well, I’m doing that right now.  Bring extra batteries for your cell phone, camera, laptop, any item you have.   All those pics and selfies you’re going to take in Hawaii is going to drain your batteries – fast.  Along with extra batteries, you may want to bring a cigarette lighter USB charger.
  5. GOOD UNDERWEAR – You’re probably scratching your head on this one.   I’m not talking about sexy lingerie.   I’m talking about good underwear.   You’re going to be doing a lot of walking and the last thing you want is underwear that isn’t breathable.   If you don’t listen to me, you’re going to sweat – A LOT – in the nether regions.   I cannot tell you how often I see tourists with butt sweat that is so severe, it looks like they peed in their shorts.   Buy some good underwear – you can thank me later.


Don’t forget YOUR RINGS!  Don’t pack them in your carry on.  Wear them on the day of travel if possible.  It’s the safest way.  Do not pack them in your suitcase or carry on.

Wear them – wear them – wear them.

When you get to your hotel you can take them off and put them in the safe until your wedding day.    There are stories of TSA workers ripping off Ps4’s and clothes as they are “checked” for explosives.   I’ve actually heard of wedding rings that went missing.   Don’t be a statistic, listen to the wedding guy.

And that about wraps up this article.  Have anything to add?  Leave them in the comments below.




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