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Three Simple Steps to Saving Money On Your Wedding

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One of the more common questions I get asked on a daily basis is, “How can I save money on my dream wedding?”  If you’re looking for an answer worth a pot of gold, you’re not going to find one.  I stole the gold!  If you’re looking for three simple steps to saving money on your wedding, here you go.

Step #1: Be flexible with your wedding and you’ll save.

I like football, so I’ll use a very easy football analogy.  A real authentic leather NFL football will cost roughly around $100 USD.  If you were to ask me, “How could I save money on buying an authentic NFL football?” I would answer, “The only way to save money on buying an authentic football is to not buy an authentic football.”  Be flexible and buy a very good cheap replica that looks the same, photographs the same, even throws the same, but isn’t the same.

Saving money on your dream wedding is about being flexible where you feel comfortable.  Here are a few examples:

  • Silk flower bouquets are cheaper than real flowers, and photograph the same.
  • Beach wedding ceremonies, for the most part, have no location charge associated with them.  While estate weddings, church weddings, have a location fee that can be very steep.
  • For your cake, fewer flavors or certain flavors may be cheaper.  Real flowers cost less than sugar flowers.
  • Film photography is more expensive than digital photography.
  • Weekend weddings are more expensive than weekday weddings (for other vendors not me)
  • Smaller receptions are cheaper than larger ones.  If you’re flexible on this, you’ll save really big.

Challenge your flexibility.  The more flexible you are, the more you’ll save.

Step#2:  Pay for value.

Cutting cost is not everything.   Many times, quality comes with a cost, and finding that guaranteed value is worth every penny.  For example, a wedding company that slowly responds to inquiries or regular emails, and drives you nuts, is not worth any dollar you give them.  Even if they charged a measly ten dollars for their service, they would be ripping you off.

When you find value, pay for it.  And in the long run, you’ll save.

It’s rather easy to spot value in a wedding vendor.  If they respond quickly and intelligently to your questions, have great internet reviews, and you feel as though you can work with them, they’re a keeper.

jodys-wedding-6744 Three Simple Steps to Saving Money On Your WeddingA happy wife equals a happy life

Step#3:  Be a healthy skeptic.

As a first-time bride, you are an emotional first-time buyer.  That’s about the worse type of buyer you could ever be.  You’re like a kid at a candy store, except your parents aren’t there, and you have a high-limit credit card.  Before you commit to any vendor, even me, ask a lot of questions, and don’t be shy about it.  Use a truckload of common sense to figure out if a vendor is telling the truth.  Make sure that bullshit detector is working and on max.  There are liars out there and con-artists so watch out.

Watch out especially for the POST-WEDDING-SELL.  Photographers and hotels are habitually guilty of this practice.

Many times a photographer would offer you an inexpensive photography package that would consist of a small amount of photos.  He would then take more photos and then offer to sell you the extra photos, your memories, for an obscene amount of money.

A hotel will sometimes offer you a free hotel room, or a free upgrade to your banquet room, if you just agree to have an open bar at your wedding.   After your reception, when you find out how much that open bar tab has accumulated to, you’ll have to get a second mortgage on your house.

So there you have it, my easy three-step-program to saving money on your wedding.  Or, you could skip all steps and just book with me.  I’m just saying…I’m that good.

P.S. for more cost saving ideas, check out this link


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