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TITANIUM DIOXIDE: Learn it and Know it, or It’ll Ruin Your Wedding pictures

oh-geez TITANIUM DIOXIDE:  Learn it and Know it, or It’ll Ruin Your Wedding picturesThat’s not clown makeup

Chances are, you’ve never seen it or heard of it.  But you’ve eaten “it.”   Used “it” to increase the property value of your house; and also have used this “it” to prevent skin cancer.

So what is it?  And why can this miracle compound ruin your wedding pictures?

“It” is called Titanium Dioxide, and this natural occurring metal is used in everything from paints, food coloring, to UV protectants found in both sun lotions and makeup.  Yes, makeup.  Chances are, if you using a makeup that has some type of sun protectant in there it’s Titanium Dioxide. (If it’s not, it’s probably some type of Zinc compound that shares very similar characteristics)  Titanium Dioxide is very effective in reflecting light, and this is the reason why it is very effective from protecting you from harmful UV rays.  But the side-effects generated from flash photography will make your face look like the glistening back fat of Rosanne Barr, and shinier than the whites of her teeth when she catches you looking at her.

The good news is that there is a remedy that is fairly simple and effective.  That answer can be found in the video below by Wayne Goss.

Wayne Goss is a rare talent.  Not only is he an excellent makeup artist, but bucks the trend when it comes to makeup. In other words, he’s a pioneer.  Sometimes I find that many makeup artist stick too much of what they were taught in school, and are just an extension of their instructor.  Goss is not one of those talents.   While he does know the basics well, he also simplifies techniques, does a few things I haven’t seen before.

If you have the time, I highly suggest you subscribe to his You Tube Channel. You will learn TONS of makeup tips; not only for your wedding, but also for your daily use.

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