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Wife of Eight Days Snaps? Pushes Husband Off the Cliff.


Have you heard the news?   Jordan Graham,  just 22 years old, who was married for just eight days, is accused of second-degree murder for pushing her husband off a cliff.  I’m really not sure if this is provable in court, or even true.   The media has a habit of taking things out of context and can turn a simple tragic accident, into something much larger.   But according to reports, the former wife had told police that her husband had gone for a drive with friends on July 7th.   Then on July 11th, she reported to emergency dispatchers that she had found his body on July 11th at the bottom of a hiking trail.   Later, she then confessed to authorities that her entire story was a fabrication; and that she had shoved him off the cliff, in the back, during a heated argument.

That is what is reported.  What is the truth, I have no idea.

But if it is true, is this really second degree murder?  Probably more like manslaughter.

Apparently, Jordan had second thoughts about marrying her late husband as she had sent a text to her her friend expressing her doubts.   But that’s really not anything unusual.  Many people get cold feet before their wedding day, and IT’S OBVIOUS that cold feet is not a precursor to manslaughter or murder during marriage.

My two cents on the Jordan Graham case.   Unless she planned to push her husband off a cliff, this is not murder.  This is simply two couples getting into a heated argument, and something just went terribly wrong.   In any case, second degree murder will be very hard to prove.

The big question is did she snap?  Was it premeditated?  Or was it simply an argument that just went wrong?

I have a feeling the media may grab a hold of this story and turn it into the next Jodie Arias overblown case.  I really hope they don’t.


To me, one of the ultimate examples of snapping is Jodie Arias.  If you want to know my thought of the Jodias Arias case, here it is.  I believe the conviction that was handed down was completely unfair.  From my amateur investigation of the case, it was clear that Arias was not mentally stable.   After years of manipulation from her on-and-off-again lover, she was emotionally abused to the point of no return.  Her boyfriend was a popular Mormon speaker, preached to many LSD followers, a life of celibacy and purity. Then in his private life, he led a very kinky sexual lifestyle with Jodie, making him your typical deviant hypocrite.   He then told her he could never marry her because she basically didn’t meet his Mormon standards of purity.  When all the while, he was the cause of her Mormon impurities.  That type of emotional manipulation can drive anyone crazy.

Arias just snapped…we’ve seen it over and over.

Of course, her snapping does not give her a free pass to murder anyone, including a hypocrite who very much well deserved to get a PUNCH in the face.   She should have been carted off to a mental institution and locked up there for life.

Jason Russell snaps.

Snapping comes in all forms.   I honestly am not sure why it happens.  Hell, I’m not even sure doctors know why it happens.  But something tells me, the brain, which is basically a gigantic ball of wires, misfires.   And once it misfires, the victim just goes off the deep end, and anything goes: murder, cursing, anything.  Take a look at Jason Russell (above video), a successful independent filmmaker who created one of the most popular Youtube videos of all time, snapped.

Lets not forget how Steve McNair died, murdered by a young girl who was his mistress after he told her he would not commit to her.  She killed him, then killed herself.

I guess the moral of the story here.  Snap your fingers, don’t snap your head.  And most importantly, to the future grooms of my brides……

“A happy wife, equals a happy life” 

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