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Your Hawaii Wedding, Volcanoes, Lava, and Why There’s No Need to Panic

I guess you’ve heard in the news we have an active volcano in Hawaii and residents are running for their lives!  Well, that’s partially true, but most of it is just sensationalism brought to you by the mainstream media.

The raw full truth is that an active rift zone opened up in a high-risk volcanic zone, Lava Zone One, on The Big Island.  Around the 1990’s, developers were allowed to sell inexpensive properties in active volcanic sites, and residents from all over the world began building their lives there.   The new buyers were well aware that they were building on land that could erupt one day, but they truly never expected it would happen in their lifetime.  As luck would have it, a rift zone opened up in their backyard, literally.   Consequently, there were people who had to pack up and run for their lives at a moments notice.   There’s a huge government failure that is not being reported.  One, that residents were allowed to build their lives on an active volcanic side.  Two, why a residential area was built so close to a geothermal plant.  Lastly, three, if taxpayer dollars will be given to residents to rebuild back on an active lava zone (I hope not).

No one has died.  I believe around 37 homes have been destroyed.   The lava is not as much of a threat as the sulfur-dioxide that has reached toxic levels in that area.

The rest of the islands are 100% safe.   The only effects that we are getting from the volcano here on Oahu are slightly smoggy looking days and awesome blood-red sunsets!

99% of the Big Island is safe to travel too.

There is absolutely no danger to travel to the State of Hawaii.  That is, unless you want to jump hot a pit of lava.  And doing that would take some extreme effort because there are police barriers to cross.

What’s the moral of this blog?

That if you’re planning to vacation in Hawaii or to get married in Hawaii, you don’t have to fear the volcano.   If the Volcano National Park is closed, I wouldn’t think about island hopping to the Big Island.  But if it’s open, I’d definitely recommend hopping over to see Mother Nature at its most awesome.



me Your Hawaii Wedding, Volcanoes, Lava, and Why There's No Need to Panic
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