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Best Beaches to Get Married in Hawaii

I know the best beaches to get married in Hawaii and I’ll give you a hint.  They are all on the island of Oahu.  Aside from that, I’m not saying anymore because if I spill the beans, thousands of weddings will happen there, and it’ll no longer be awesome.

So what’s a good beach to get married on?

  • One that’s secluded
  • One that is not littered with tourist – Not like Waikiki Beach!
  • One where the wind isn’t crazy strong.   This is great for hair and video recording.  The wind should also blow a certain way.  Sometimes I want to shoot a pic a certain way, but if the wind is blowing the wrong way, I can’t use that background.
  • One where there is a view of either the sunset or sunrise.  It’s always a good option to have.
  • One that looks like the photos do in real life.  Anyone can photoshop a nice beach onto the background.  I think you should keep it real, right?
  • Oh, lastly – One where there aren’t spoiled rich people who think it’s their beach (hey, I’m a capitalist Republican, but I hate those rich millionaires who think they own a public beach).

I will tell you right now the beaches that I think are crappy are::

  • Waialae Beach Park – read more about why here, that place sucks
  • Sandy Beach – way too windy, too much tourist
  • Makapu’u Beach – holy crap it’s windy there.  Why wedding companies go there I have no idea.  They hang glide right above there
  • Lanikai Beach – horrible parking, too many tourists, and you have rich snobs who literally interrupt wedding ceremonies and scream at weddings.

So how do you find out which beach is great?  There’s a catch 22.  You have to call or email me.  You don’t have to book with me.  But I’m not posting that info here, haha

me Best Beaches to Get Married in Hawaii
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