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Determining the Right Location for Your Hawaii Wedding


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Getting hitched is kinda like opening a restaurant business.  You spend a lot of money on food, decorations, music, sometimes even fancy lighting.  When the lights go on, there’s family and friends there to wish you the best.   Hey, there are even strangers that will walk up to you to congratulate you on a job well done.   But before all of that magic can happen, your wedding in paradise, like the restaurant under the moon, is all about the location baby!

Finding the right location for your destination wedding can be both a simple and complicated adventure.  But to determine its complexity, I will need the following questions answered.

  1. What type of photographs do you envision for your wedding in Hawaii?
  2. How do you plan on wearing your hair?  Up or down?
  3. Where are you staying during your Hawaii vacation/honeymoon?
  4. Did you rent a car? And are you willing to drive to your wedding location?
  5. How large is your wedding party?
  6. Where and when do you plan on having your reception/dinner?

The answers to these questions will arm me with enough information to recommend the right location for your wedding.  For example, for a couple who wants sunset wedding photos, a very secluded beach, wants to wear their hair down, and is willing to drive; I will probably recommend a location on the North Shore for their wedding.   Beaches on the north shore are very secluded, have awesome sunsets, and a breeze that is not too windy for hairstyles that are worn down.

Things get a little complicated when I have a wedding party that consists of a caravan of cars in tow because parking becomes a big issue.  Not impossible…just an issue.  But it does narrow down your selection of wedding locations significantly.

magic-island Determining the Right Location for Your Hawaii WeddingMagic Island.  Not exactly the most private beach

There’s no such thing as the perfect wedding location, as the right location is purely subjective. But statistically speaking, most of my clients want a secluded beach and one that is perfect for sunset photos.   And then there are some couples who just don’t mind crowds.  As long as it’s near the ocean, near their hotel, and there is a lot of parking, they don’t mind getting married at a public park where there are hundreds, possibly thousands of people walking about. (See picture above, Magic Island)

For me, I always prefer secluded wedding locations.  Locations that look and feel very much like the photos.  Many times, the view beyond the viewfinder is not very nice.  In my opinion, I just don’t think that wedding couples spend thousands of dollars, six to twelve hours cramped in plane, crossing the ocean and time zones, just to get married behind a condominium (see Waialae Beach Park).  You can do that…well…anywhere in the world.

I always tell couples, if you went through all that trouble to get to Hawaii, why not dive just one hour more to get to somewhere better.

waialae3-1 Determining the Right Location for Your Hawaii WeddingThis is Waialae Beach Park. I don’t recommend this place.

If you’re looking for an article that showcases my wedding locations, and how to find them, you’re not going to be successful.   Since my website is rather popular among aspiring wedding couples and also competing wedding companies, if I publish my secluded areas, they just won’t be secluded anymore.

So I bet your asking yourself now, “Then how do I find the right location for my Hawaii wedding?”

Well, all you have to do is figure out the answers to those questions I posted,  and then contact me.

me Determining the Right Location for Your Hawaii Wedding
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