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Secret Cove at Ko olina is now open!

rough-road1 Secret Cove at Ko olina is now open!

“The pathway isn’t exactly smooth….”

Earlier this year in March I reported that one of my favorite locations to shoot, Secret Cove, on the Ko Olina resort was closed to the public due to construction.  I’m happy to report that it is now open for business! The developer, Jeff Stone, created a very nice boardwalk for beach goers to safely make their way around the Four Season’s hotel, which is still undergoing construction.  Bravo!

Secret Beach, or as I call it, Secret Cove, is extremely empty as many tourist, and many locals, just don’t feel it’s worth the trek.   I also feel as though they don’t know about it.  The result is a very very secluded beach… as of this writing.  I have a feeling after I write this, things may change and you may have a lot of weddings happening on there haha!

If anyone in your wedding party has any difficulties with walking, this beach is not for you at all.  If you can’t balance on rocks, or are unwilling to go tough it out with navigating large and small rocks, this beach is not for you.  The pathway near the ocean is not exactly smooth.    In fact, it’s far from smooth.  Each step you make will have to be carefully placed.  The pictures though, the location, is well worth the hike.

Aulani-Secret-Cove-Paradise-Cove Secret Cove at Ko olina is now open!Here’s how to get there

me Secret Cove at Ko olina is now open!
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