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Tips For Your Wedding in Hawaii

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It seems that list are the most common web pages found throughout the internet.  There’s the list of 10 greatest movies, 10 fattest celebrities, 10 epic fails, you get my drift.  Whatever happened to good old fashioned journalism?

Well, like the rest, I’m screwing journalism for now, because I actually do have a list to share with you when it comes to your Hawaii Wedding.

TIPS. No, I’m not talking about tips that you leave your waiter, I’m talking about tips to look good on your wedding day.

Without further delay, here they are in NO particular order.  ALL WHICH IS LISTED, are equal in importance:

  • DO NOT GET SUNBURNED – Women, men, don’t turn up to your wedding looking like a red lobster on your wedding day.  I cannot photoshop the color of lobsters  convincingly.   Especially sharp tan-lined lobsters
  • SHAVE YOUR NOSE HAIRS – This rule applies to some women and all men.  I don’t care if you have a mustache men.  Shave those nose hairs.   Please.  No forest.
  • GET YOUR NAILS DONE – If there’s a moment when we want to do a ring shot, make sure those nails look good.  Guys, it’s not as demasculating as it sounds.
  • WOMEN : USE A MAKEUP THAT HAS NO SPF IN IT, OR TITANIUM DIOXIDE – If you do, you will look very very shiny.  I have an article on this that can be found here.
  • WOMEN: IF YOU ARE HAVING YOUR MAKE-UP DONE PROFESSIONALLY – Wear a button down shirt to the appointment.
  • MEN: IF YOU SWEAT – Wear black, and bring a backup shirt for photos.
  • DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL BEFORE YOUR WEDDING – If you are intoxicated when you get married, there is a chance that your wedding may not be legal.  Remember, you have to be sober when signing legal documents.  Also, alcohol causes people to have red eyes, and that’s not good for photos.
  • SHOW UP ON-TIME – Easier said than done, especially if you have family members tagging along.  If you have a family that tend to be late, simply lie to them and tell them your wedding is happening 1 hour earlier   You’ll arrive to them, one hour late, but you’ll actually be on-time.


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